Major Security Breaches in 2014

2014 was the year of the security breach. The work of cybercriminals was all over the news. Powerful companies like Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Kmart, Staples, JP Morgan Chase, and Sony were among those that had valuable data stolen from their information systems. Not only did personally-identifiable information of their customers get exposed, but these data breaches cost these companies millions of dollars in remediation, lost revenue, lost productivity, and often severely damaging their reputations.

Home Depot was a prime example. The payment systems at more than 2,000 of its locations were hacked exposing data from 56 million unique payment cards. The cost of the breach was approximately $62 billion for the DIY retailer.

Cybercriminals are not just targeting large corporations. They are trying to get their hands on any data possible. Small and mid-size businesses are also at risk. One recent study reported that 72 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss will shut down within 24 months. Another study said that only 38 percent of companies have developed a security strategy to protect their IT infrastructure.

In today’s technology-focused business environments, data flows between networks and the cloud, as well as mobile devices, and the exposure to threats continues to increase. Every organization must take the necessary precautions to ensure their network is protected from potential intruders.

Simple tasks such as regular maintenance and updates can be the difference between letting an intruder into your network and keeping them out. Seeking the expertise of IT professionals that work with numerous companies on a daily basis can also help in protecting your organization’s valuable information assets.

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