Microsoft Update: New Version of Office Released

Microsoft recently unveiled their latest version of Office Suite, known as Office 2013, and released a preview to the public. When, exactly, this Microsoft update to Office will be officially released is currently unknown, but is expected to be in either late 2012 or early 2013.

Based on early reports, this Microsoft Office Suite will include a number of interesting new features that will help you get even more productivity out of your Office installations.

Here are a few of our favorite new features to look forward to when Office 2013 is released.

Hot Features in The New Microsoft Update to Office

  • Saving to the Cloud by default: All users of Office 2013 will have to log into it using a Microsoft ID, because it automatically saves to Microsoft’s SkyDrive system. Saving to C: is still an option as well, of course. This allows your documents to immediately sync to all your devices.
  • Reading Resume: In Word and PowerPoint, the Cloud system will remember where you left off and allow you to resume editing at exactly the same spot, even if it’s across multiple devices.
  • Touch Mode: This is the first version of Office to be built with tablets in mind, including an alternate pointer system specifically for touchscreen devices, making it far more usable for mobile users.
  • Nested changes tracking: Notes from edits are now stored as nested discussions, marked with a red line that can be clicked on to reveal the edits. This allows lengthy discussions over minor topics on a document to occur, but without inconveniencing anyone else accessing it.
  • Tracking lock: You can now require a password to disable change tracking on a document, ensuring no one edits the document without permission or leaving a trail.
  • Live media insertion: Microsoft has streamlined the embedding of pictures and video, allowing for direct links to media on multiple popular systems including YouTube and Facebook.
  • PowerPoint Presenter View: The computer controlling a PowerPoint slideshow now shows a different interface to the user, allowing them to invisibly edit or reshuffle cards without the changes being visible on the overhead display, making presentations much more flexible.

All in all, this new Microsoft Update to Office is looking extremely good. Interested parties can try out the product directly from Microsoft, but be warned: it only runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems!

We’ll keep you updated as more news emerges.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Sweden

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