New Generation of IBM Storage Technology Now Available

Did you know that IBM invented magnetic tape storage back in 1952? Now, 63 years later, it is introducing its seventh generation high performance LTO tape drive to continue empowering its clients’ businesses.

As of today, October 6, this new generation of tape technology is now available from IBM. It includes a new drive (the IBM TS2270), which can in turn be deployed in a number of libraries and autoloaders (IBM TS2900 up to the IBM TS4500) supporting smaller workloads all the way to those customers looking for the highest levels of enterprise performance.

Throughout the years, IBM has always offered a strong value proposition through its storage solutions that customers just can’t resist. Today’s tape technology:

  • Reduces costs by storing 4X more data in the same space with new LTO Gen 7 tape drives
  • Archives and recovers historical data up to 87% faster over previous generation tape drives
  • Expands capacity by 11X with the enhanced TS4500 Tape Library and LTO 7

Today, IBM Storage also released its IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software Version 7.6. This new version delivers enhanced functionality in IBM SVC, Storwize family, and FlashSystem V9000; as well as enhanced data security with data encryption on virtualized storage with IBM Spectrum Virtualize in SVC, Storwize V7000, and FlashSystem V9000.

For more information on IBM’s tape technologies, click here.

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