Now the Force Is with You: CentOS Comes to POWER8!

Power8 Platform users rejoice: IBM has announced that the community-driven CentOS free software is now available to customers using the POWER8 platform.

CentOS offers a powerful, open-source ecosystem offering a highly functional platform built for a vast array of business environments and deployments. For POWER8 system users, the addition of CentOS is a great leap forward, as many businesses use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS for their servers.

CentOS Linux is a brilliant merger of ingenuity and publicly available computing software for optimal productivity. Derived from Red Hat Enterprises Linux (RHEL), the CentOS distribution model is predictable, stable, and reproducible. The entire version is ported to IBM POWER, so the full complement of tools and packages that you’re accustomed to are up and running as soon as it’s installed. At the same time, there are no surprises: CentOS features the same look and the identical commands, while leveraging the IBM Power Systems platform to yield extraordinary performance, higher levels of availability and increased flexibility.

With the advent of CentOS for IBM POWER8 customers, CentOS is in good company, along with Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Suse on the Linux distributions. All can be integrated into IBM Power Systems, greatly expanding the support for open source operating systems.

Available with both Big Endian and Little Endian support, CentOS can be downloaded from their Web site — — and installed on POWER8 servers. Offering CentOS to POWER8 customers is a win-win for everyone, providing the power of IBM with the freedom of open-source computing.

For additional information on the availability of CentOS for POWER8 platform users, contact an ABC Services representative.

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