Risks of the Connected Home

In this blog, we typically focus on topics related to enterprise IT environments, however, we are all consumers that use technology in every aspect of our lives and face many of the same data privacy/ security issues in both our professional and personal lives. And, with employees of our organizations using devices for both home and work, lines can be blurred and data can be compromised.

Fortinet, an ABC Services partner, recently published survey results of 1,800+ tech-savvy homeowners regarding risk associated with the “connected home” (a home in which household appliances and home electronics are seamlessly connected to the Internet). The survey was conducted in Asia Pacific countries, but is extremely relevant to tech-savvy individuals located across the globe.

The survey asked questions about key issues pertaining to the Internet. Some of the key findings include:

  • The “connected home” is a reality
  • Homeowners are concerned about data breaches
  • Privacy and trust are concerns
  • Data privacy is an extremely sensitive issue
  • Users demand control over who can access collected data
  • Consumers look to their government for data regulation
  • Device manufacturers are mostly on the hook for security
  • The next looming battle is secure home routers vs. clean pipes
  • Homeowners are willing to pay for a connected home
  • Price is the primary factor in buying connected home devices

To read InformationWeek’s article on the survey and see some of the statistics and associated data to the findings above, click here.

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