The Costs Associated With Bring Your Own Device

The cost savings are one of the key benefits of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  If you haven’t developed a Bring Your Own Device program then check out this article. It is pretty obvious that with employees purchasing their own devices, businesses save money on hardware, as well as support costs.  In addition, the IT department saves time (translating into overhead costs) for researching and purchasing the actual devices.

As mentioned in previous blog posts about virtualization, desktop virtualization also provides financial benefits for organizations.  The IT department only needs to update an application on the server once and every device is virtually updated throughout the organization.  They no longer need to spend time going from desk to desk installing the latest update of a software program.  This is significant overhead cost savings for a business and also prevents interruptions in employee productivity.

When issues arise with a device purchased by an employee, the questions now are directed to the support desk of the vendor or retailer, not the IT department – translating into another reduction in overhead expenses.

Whether employees purchase their devices on their own or subsidize them for a portion of the cost, there are significant cost benefits for businesses that can’t be ignored.

To learn more about developing your own BYOD program, click here for an excellent BYOD guide put together by CIO magazine.

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