The End is Near for Windows 2003

As of July 14, 2015, the popular Windows 2003 server operating system from Microsoft, will no longer be supported. This operating system had a good run. When it was released in April 2003, it offered increased scalability and performance over Microsoft’s previous version, Windows 2000. More than a decade later and several improved versions of the operating system, Microsoft has decided to call it a day for Windows 2003.

With less than two months until Microsoft pulls the plug, organizations still running Windows 2003 servers are scrambling (or should be) to determine what to do? Do they move to Microsoft’s newest version, Windows 2012? What happens if they don’t upgrade to a newer option? Without Microsoft’s support of Windows 2003, there will be no more patches or updates. This leaves organizations still relying on Windows 2003 extremely vulnerable to security risks that could be detrimental to their operations. In our next post, we will discuss some of these risks.

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