The Risks You Run with Windows 2003

Are you still running Windows Server 2003 operating system? Have you made plans for migrating to a newer version before the July 14, 2015 deadline? If not, you should start thinking about it. With Microsoft ending support, customers will no longer receive security patches, technical support from Microsoft or software and content updates.

The security patches alone should be enough to sway you to start the migration process today. Cybersecurity is a serious risk for organizations today and with unsupported software, your chance of exposure to malicious attacks is much greater. You will no longer receive patches to protect your computing systems from potential vulnerabilities, which could result in attacks that result in data being lost, stolen or corrupted. Not only would your Window 2003 server be exposed, but you also open up potential threats across your entire enterprise.

Compatibility issues can also arise. If you are still running Windows Server 2003, you may face compatibility challenges when trying to connect it to other hardware and software, as newer technology will most likely not be developed for Windows Server 2003.

Not upgrading to a new version may also expose you to fines and other business issues. In many industries, there are regulations requiring organizations to maintain IT systems that meet certain standards, such as using software that is updated regularly to protect from data breaches. HIPAA and PCI are just two examples of regulations that you would not comply with if you are using a Windows Server 2003 passed the July 14 deadline.

Don’t wait. Upgrade your Windows Server 2003 today!

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