Unknown Benefits of Cloud Computing

Joe McKendrick, a contributor of Forbes magazine, wrote an article on July 21 titled “5 Benefits of Cloud Computing You Aren’t Likely to See in a Sales Brochure.” Of course, he mentioned the key advantages most cloud computing companies mention:  cost savings, elasticity, scalability, load bursting, and storage on demand. 

However, the primary focus of his article was on five other key benefits he believes are not discussed as much or as often:

  1. More flexibility to get into new business – having access to cloud-based resources that are much more cost effective enables organizations to test new business areas and entrepreneurs to more efficiently and effectively start new ventures.
  2. Smoother mergers and acquisitions – the consolidation of data and records from two different organizations can be tough.  The cloud provides for a much quicker and less painful transition.
  3. Ability to duplicate or adopt successful business processes others have hashed out – cloud solutions are being utilized by organizations of all types and sizes, enabling them to be enhanced by the input of multiple customers.
  4. More tech savvy in the executive suite – with cloud computing, IT executives don’t have to spend their time focusing on maintenance issues.  They are able to focus more on strategic IT initiatives that will drive productivity and innovation within their organization.
  5. Segue into the cloud business – organizations using private cloud solutions can extend those on-demand offerings to third party organizations, such as customers and partners.

McKendrick has some excellent points that clearly demonstrate the power of cloud computing.  Follow this link for the full article about cloud computing.

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