Upgrading to IBM i 7.2

The new IBM i operating system that runs on IBM Power Systems or IBM PureSystems servers has many significant enhancements that are driving companies to upgrade sooner rather than later.  It had been four years between the release of 7.1 and IBM i 7.2 in the spring of 2014.  However, along the way, IBM provided technology refreshes to keep its operating system on the top of its game.

Integrating a trusted combination of relational database, security, web services, networking, and storage management capabilities, IBM i 7.2 provides the following key enhancements according to IBM:

ο    Enhanced security options for DB2 for i

ο    Many new functions for programmer productivity and expanded function in DB2 for i

ο    Improved ease of use with IBM Navigator for i

ο    Enhancements to iAccess Client Solutions

ο    Extension of security to more applications through new single sign-on (SSO) environments

ο    Liberty Core as the base for Integrated Application Server

ο    Support for Zend Server 6.0 on IBM i 7.2

ο    Performance improvements for the integrated file system

ο    Extensions to the printing environments

ο    Expanded Hub functions for Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

ο    PowerHA SystemMirror for iExpress Edition with new HyperSwap capability

ο    Support for new Power Systems built with Power8 architecture and processor

ο    Additional I/O capabilities including support for WAN over LAN

ο    Rational tools enhancements to support Free Format Report Program Generator (RPG)

ο    Support for the open source file serving solution Sambs

IBM i is a highly scalable and virus-resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency.   Version 7.2 offers a wealth of new capabilities that can help organizations drive innovation and business value.

If you are considering an upgrade to IBM i 7.2, it is important to plan properly.  With the right preparation, the upgrade can be a very simple and seamless process.  ABC Services can help you properly plan by reviewing your current environment, understanding the criteria for 7.2 and handling additional requirements post implementation.  For more information, contact us at info@abcservices.com.

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