Virtualization Benefits: How VMware View 5.1 Simplifies Desktop Management

VMWare’s popular View virtualized computing environment recently received an update to Version 5.1, bringing a new batch of virtualization benefits to an already-compelling package. VMWare View is already one of the most common packages for companies looking to benefit from desktop virtualization, and this most recent update adds a number of useful new features.

Here is a brief look at some of the most important new desktop virtualization benefits that have been added to VMWare 5.1:

Virtualization Benefits In The New Edition of VMWare View

  • Storage optimization: View 5.1 helps keep your host servers running smoothly by caching local copies of server data which is being heavily used and accessed, reducing the workload of the servers. This will greatly reduce system slowdown during “access storms” such as during bootup for the day or antivirus runs.
  • Easier virtualization changeover: With its new “persona management” system, VMWare View Persona Management application can now be installed on physical desktops to so that they can be synchronized with a virtual system. In this way, the changeover can be handled almost seamlessly, with no need for the user to spend time re-configuring a new system to suit their needs.
  • Virtual ManagementWith their new VCenter Operations Manager, VMWare has embraced one of the most important new virtualization benefits: the ability to have an end-to-end overview of your complete virtual network, in one place, displaying everything from end-user usage to overall server performance. This vastly simplifies the task of managing a modern distributed network, making the process more efficient and leading to greater ROI.
  • Better USB handling: Physical devices often presented a problem for virtual operating systems, but VMWare has changed their USB handling so that the server can now provide drivers, as needed, directly to host machines without needing them to be installed locally. Additionally, USB compatibility has been improved, allowing your employees to use whatever device they need without fear of driver incompatibilities impeding their work.
  • A focus on End-User Computing: VMWare understands that the user experience is often one of the biggest barriers to adoption. They have focused extensively on the End-User Computing experience to make the process as smooth and inexpensive as possible.

Key Takeaway

The latest version of VMWare View contains numerous enhancements and new virtualization benefits to their package, making it even easier for you to start enjoying the advantages of a leaner, more easily-managed virtual network.

Photo Credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page via Flickr

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