VMware CEO’s Vision of the Enterprise Cloud

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, recently sat down for an interview with Kurt Marko, a contributor for Forbes. Marko published an article on April 8 titled “Software Eats the Data Center: VMware’s Gelsinger Outlines IT’s Software-Defined Future.” The article discusses what the company calls the “software defined data center” (SDDC), and the four-pillar strategy of the strategy of the concept.

Marko states that the SDDC vision “could put VMware in the middle of the enterprise IT application and service design, construction and delivery…and make VMware the hub around which all business application and IT infrastructure decisions revolve.”

Gelsinger presented the four-pillar strategy at Interop and the article provides a good summary of the discussion.

Marko posted a follow up article that highlighted pieces from an exclusive interview he had with Gelsinger after the keynote address. On April 11, he posted “Creating the Enterprise Cloud: A Q&A with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.” In the interview, Gelsinger talks in more depth about the four pillars and where VMware is positioned in each of the pillars.

Marko commented that he thinks “SDDC could do for VMware what the Windows family of PC and server software did for Microsoft in the age of client-server computing.” What do you think?

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