Why IBM Will Go On Forever

It seems as though IBM has been around forever and for all of us that have invested in IBM technologies, we hope that it will be around well into the future.

Greg McFarlane, the co-founder of Control Your Cash, wrote an article “Why IBM Will Go On Forever” on March 27 and it was published on Investopedia.com. The article includes some interesting, and lesser-known facts about the computing giant, including:

  • IBM invented ATMs
  • IBM was responsible for the magnetic strip on credit cards
  • IBM gave life to UPCs on packaging
  • IBM was one of the first companies to provide benefits to the spouses of deceased employees
  • IBM had women VPs back in 1943
  • IBM was one of the first employers to offer paid vacations

Although IBM may not be as glitzy as some other technology companies and always be splashed across the news and trade magazines, it has remained an ongoing quiet leader that continues to advance the world of technology and take us to new levels.

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