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The Costs Associated With Bring Your Own Device

The cost savings are one of the key benefits of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  If you haven’t developed a Bring Your Own Device program then check out this article. It is pretty obvious that with employees purchasing their own devices, businesses save money on hardware, as well as support costs.  In addition, the IT department saves time (translating into overhead costs) for researching and purchasing the actual devices. Read More »

Developing a Bring Your Own Device Policy

Just with most HR-related benefits, a BYOD program needs to have a policy to ensure all employees understand the parameters of the program.  Therefore, as you are in your planning process, you need to develop a comprehensive policy to ensure that you minimize the risk for your corporate assets and you maximize your employees’ ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Read More »

Managing A Bring Your Own Device Program

It is hard enough for an IT department to manage all of the devices that it purchases, rents or leases, but adding in those devices that employees purchase on their own is a whole other challenge.  Learning best practices of running a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is essential before actually implementing one in your workplace.  Even though it may seem overwhelming to think of managing all of your employees’ devices, there are ways to simplify the management. Read More »

Addressing IT Security Concerns with BYOD Programs

BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” programs are gaining popularity in the workforce.  They offer many advantages, such as empowering employees to use the devices that they prefer and reducing technology costs for an organization.  However, they also present a few challenges – it security concerns being a significant hurdle to address. Read More »