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SMBs Leverage The Cloud In 2013

As stated in our last blog, cloud computing is here to stay.  Industry experts are predicting that more organizations will continue to move to the cloud, including small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).  In Wired Magazine’s Innovative Insights blog, Brian Patrick Donaghy shares cloud computing market predictions from the top industry research firms for 2013: Read More »

Virtualization Services: Understanding Changes To IT Infrastructure

Perhaps it goes without saying, but when you’re rolling out virtualization services throughout your company, many of the most dramatic changes to your organization are going to occur within your IT infrastructure. To properly deploy a virtual environment and reap as many benefits to it as possible, you and your IT staff need to be prepared for these changes well in advance. Read More »

Virtualization Strategy: 3 Best Practices For Deployment

There are numerous benefits to virtualization that make it attractive to businesses, but the initial rollout of a virtual network can be daunting. Deploying these new systems can be easy or hard, mostly depending on how robust your virtualization strategy is. The more you plan ahead and focus on integration, the better it will go, and the more benefits you will reap later on down the line. Read More »

Virtualization Benefits: 4 Key Success Factors

Just like with any large-scale change to your business, the benefits of virtualization can come more slower or more quickly depending on how effectively you roll it out. The success of your virtual networking mostly depends on planning ahead properly, and using the most efficient methods possible to ensure a smooth changeover. This is the key to realizing your virtualization benefits as quickly as possible. Read More »

5 IT Challenges Server Virtualization Can Fix

A switch from the traditional physical server sprawl to virtual servers will provide your IT department with a powerful tool for solving critical IT challenges. The expected rewards for successfully meeting these challenges merits the change and can inspire and enable your IT staff to achieve new levels of efficiency, response time, data security, and equipment utilization, among other benefits. Read More »