5 Reasons IBM Power 710 Express Results In Faster Deployment Time

In today’s business world, every dollar counts. When you’re going to your CFO to argue why you need to upgrade your server infrastructure, you need to go armed with as much data as possible showing that your costs will be minimal and your benefits will be great. For a money-conscious company, the IBM Power 710 Expressis a great choice for a number of reasons, but in this article, we’ll be discussing how the Power 710 Express simplifies deployment, saving you time and money.

  • Ease of installation. The IBM Power 710 Express is a single-socket server with a slim U2 form factor that’s optimized for rack installation. It can be inserted into your existing setup within a matter of minutes, and cabling is simplified as well. This is as close to “plug & play” as a server gets.
  • Simplified management. Setting up the Power 710 Express is a breeze with easy-to-use management software. Thanks to smart features like the Intelligent Threads workloads management system and its EnergyScale power optimization, this is a server that practically configures itself.
  • Comes pre-loaded with your choice of OS. No matter what sort of network environment you have, the IBM Power 710 Express can arrive at your door ready for it. AIX, IBM i, and Linux solutions call all be supported out of the box, saving you precious time installing the OS that meets your needs.
  • Supports thousands of ISVs. No matter what Independent Software Vendors you work with, the Power 710 Express probably supports them. IBM prides itself on interoperability, and that saves you time and money in having to reconfigure existing software solutions you already rely on.
  • In short, The IBM Power 710 Express fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. No matter your business environment or computing needs, the Power 710 Express is built to be the simplest and most easy-to-install server your organization has owned. There’s no need to worry about lengthy outages or lost productivity when installing one.

The Power 710 Express shortens deployment times and makes your life easier. With its simplified installation, simple management, and range of compatibility options, you can get it up and running in no time. When your CFO ask what sort of disruption your new upgrade will cause, you can tell them honestly that it will be a smooth and easy deployment.

Photo Credit: Net_Efekt

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