Another Deadline Approaches: IBM Ends Support of iSeries v6r1

As mentioned in an earlier post on May 27, we now have less than two months until IBM ends its support for iSeries v6r1 and v6r1m1 on September 30.

You may think you still have plenty of time, but the end of September will be here before you know it and if you haven’t migrated to IBM System i v7r1 or v7r2 you run the risk of incurring high support costs through their extended support option.

IBM stopped marketing v6r1 in December 2014 and we have heard that recently when an IBM customer tried to order v6r1, IBM told them they had no media to send them. You can still download it, but it is so huge and cumbersome, it will be tremendously time-consuming and probably cause additional headaches you just don’t need.

Your best option is to migrate now before you are stuck in a corner.

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