IBM PureFlex System Delivers Efficiency in 4 Ways

Efficiency has long been one of the holy grails of network management, yet in recent years, it seems to have been slipping away from us. According to industry estimates, up to 70% of enterprise IT budgets are spent, not on new and better equipment, but simply on overhead and maintenance of existing resources.The IBM PureFlex line seeks to address this by making efficiency one of the top design priorities. A PureFlex system can save you money multiple ways, while still giving you the power and control you need over your network.

Automatic Management of Network Resources

An IBM PureFlex system utilizes a collection of integrated expert systems that manage the network almost independently of human input. They automatically balance workloads across a distributed network, working with both virtual and physical resources. This works alongside power management features that seek to constantly reduce needless energy consumption when system demands are low.

This translates directly to a system that optimizes itself for whatever workload is needed, while cutting your overhead costs in the process.

Patterns of Expertise Fine-Tuning Applications

Drawing on their decades of networking experience, Big Blue has implemented hundreds of “patterns of expertise” that tell an IBM PureFlex system how to best work with virtually any piece of installed software.

PureFlex system can ensure applications work optimally while reducing downtime and slowdowns while cutting out problems from human error. If problems do occur, it notifies the operator while giving them detailed information on possible solutions.

Efficient Use of Space in an IBM PureFlex System

PureFlex servers have deep, well-planned physical integration that allows the machines to need far less floor space than many competing systems. Their optimized internal layout further reduces power consumption, while still making them easy to open up and modify when needed.

With PureFlex, your network operations center can shrink, even as its power expands.

Easy Installation with Fewer Cables

Finally, the IBM PureFlex line comes to your door pre-configured and ready to go. A new server can be deployed in a matter of hours, relying on built-in networking and already-installed applications. It was designed with an emphasis on remote access and wireless connections, so cabling is at a minimum.

This all adds up to a system that will be extremely efficient and easy to work with, allowing you to spend your IT budget on the things that matter, rather than on unnecessary maintenance.


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