IBM PureFlex System Paves the Road For Cloud Computing

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that businesses everywhere are coming to embrace cloud computing. Because of the versatility that the cloud offers for IT systems, for everything from extended storage to remote access, making use of the cloud can be a boon for a wide range of businesses. However, you need a network that can make use of these capabilities, for the cloud to be effective. The new IBM PureFlex line of servers have been built from the ground up to be ready for the cloud, and incorporate numerous improvements to ease cloud integration. Read on to see how an IBM PureFlex system could get you started on the road towards cloud computing.

IBM PureFlex: Born for The Cloud

Total file system integration.

No matter where or how your files are stored, an IBM PureFlex system can map all your drives and make your data available from anywhere. Whether it’s being stored locally or across the country, your workforce won’t be able to tell the difference and can seamlessly access it.

Easy Collaboration

By simplifying your file systems, the PureFlex becomes the backbone of a system that allows collaboration between employees, no matter where they are. Workers telecommuting or stationed abroad have the same access and can work just as well as people in the office. Leaving the office no longer means sacrificing productivity.

Robust Disaster Recovery

One of the most effective uses of cloud computing for modern enterprises is disaster recovery. Backups can be kept off-site, isolated from intrusion, yet still remain immediately available should they be needed. A data disaster can be one of the single most costly perils of modern business, but a robust cloud-based backup system can allow you to recover in hours, rather than in days or weeks.

One-Terminal Remote Administration

Managing an IBM PureFlex system doesn’t require multiple administrators overseeing different networks and operating systems. The server consolidates everything into a single interface, that can be accessed from anywhere. This can result in huge administrative cost-savings, as well as allowing your sysadmins to quickly make needed changes to the system, no matter where they are.

For businesses who are intrigued by cloud computing and want to see what it can offer them, the IBM PureFlex will give them that ability. It’s built for modern, distributed networks, allowing your company to experience the benefits of the Cloud for themselves.


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