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Preparing for Business Continuity in 2015

In 2014, there were 45 major disaster declarations in the United States according to the Federal Emergency Management Association. These ranged from many severe winter storms, floods and mudslides to tornadoes, earthquakes and a wildfire. For each of these disasters, there were probably numerous companies that were brought to their knees as a result of failed IT systems.
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Choosing the Right IT Infrastructure

Today’s business environment is vastly different than that of just five years ago.  Cloud computing has become more of the norm.  Mobile devices are everywhere.  Social media has been widely adopted by people of all ages and by business in all industries.  All of these technologies have driven our increased reliance on data and security concerns of that data being breached.  In another five years, maybe even one or two, there will be an entire new set of technologies we will be focused on and our IT departments will have to continue to keep up with the changes and clearly understand how these new technologies will impact their businesses.
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IBM’s Power GM Predicts Biggest IT Trends for 2014

Doug Balog, general manager for IBM Power Systems was interviewed by IBM Systems Magazine – Power Edition for the cover story of the January 2014 issue about his thoughts on the biggest trends for the coming year.  Tami Deedrick, the publication’s editor, asked some excellent questions that resulted two common themes: innovation and change. Read More »