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Six Ways IBM Power Systems Can Help Maximize the Cloud

There are many significant benefits of cloud computing that are driving its demand. This IT delivery model offers flexibility, lower costs, quicker access to advanced technologies, and much more. However, some IT professionals have voiced frustration when cloud computing is used in their data centers. Challenges from security issues and scalability to workload performance and image management have been noted.
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Learn The Benefits of VMware

According to VMware, virtualization addresses IT’s most pressing challenge: the infrastructure sprawl that compels IT departments to channel 70% of their budget into maintenance, leaving scant resources for business-building innovation. The company describes virtualization as enabling several operating systems and applications to run on one physical server or “host”.  Each self-contained “virtual machine” is isolated from others, and uses as much of the host’s computing resources as it requires. Read More »

SMBs Leverage The Cloud In 2013

As stated in our last blog, cloud computing is here to stay.  Industry experts are predicting that more organizations will continue to move to the cloud, including small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).  In Wired Magazine’s Innovative Insights blog, Brian Patrick Donaghy shares cloud computing market predictions from the top industry research firms for 2013: Read More »

A New Way of Thinking with System Virtualization

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”  -Albert Einstein

What an all-encompassing and universal quote from Einstein. I’m sure that, were he alive today, he would suggest that a new way of thinking be applied to our IT problems. And that new way of thinking is system virtualization. System virtualization is ushering in a new form of IT management that is integrated, automated, efficient and reliable. Read More »