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How to Prevent Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a more targeted form of a phishing attack, where individuals of a particular organization are deceived into divulging credential information. In spear phishing, a message is designed to look as if it came from a trustworthy source within the organization. The message then prompts the employee/member to respond in a certain way, […]

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IBM Power System S812: Speed, Scalability, Security and Efficiencies for Data-intensive Businesses

Data is a beautiful thing — and a powerful business tool. But it doesn’t manage itself. Today’s information- and application-intensive business environments demand systems that can accommodate enormous transaction processing workloads with a proven infrastructure, while keeping the focus on reliability, security, and availability. They also need to work at breakneck speed and combine endurance […]

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Why Companies Need to Rethink Backup and Recovery

The current technology risk landscape shows how crucial backup and recovery is for companies. Whether a business suffers an equipment failure, natural disaster, or a targeted attack, backup and recovery may be the only solution to the loss of data and mission-critical applications. When detection and prevention measures fail, backup and recovery is the last […]

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