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IBM Remains Committed to PureSystems Family

Rumors are swirling around about the future of PureSystems as a result of the impending plans for Lenovo to acquire its x86 server business.  In a recent communications to its business partners, IBM said that it “remains committed to the PureSystems family as an accelerator for Big Data & Analytics and Cloud solutions, and as an important element of our growth strategy.” Read More »

Leveraging IBM PureFlex To Save Energy

In our last blog post , we shared the first year success of the IBM PureSystems product line, including PureFlex.  The rapid adoption of this product line has a lot to do with its performance and availability capabilities, but Managed Service Providers (MSPs), such as Aegis Technology, are also implementing these solutions for the improved energy savings. IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System boast energy cost reductions of up to 40%.  This is important in a 24x7x365 world where data centers must always be fully operational and consume a significant amount of energy. Read More »

IBM PureFlex Is Celebrating Its First Birthday!

Eighteen months ago we wrote a blog in anticipation of IBM PureSystems and how this line of networking solutions would drive innovation, and it has!  Launched in April 2012, IBM has shipped more than 2,300 Systems in 70+ countries through Q4 2012, which has received tremendous feedback from its clients and has received multiple design awards for both PureSystems and PureFlex. The PureSystems expert integrated systems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an application – providing the ability to transform the IT lifecycle.  Part of the PureSystems product line, the PureFlex System, is built on elements of the IBM Flex System, which includes compute, storage, systems management, and networking components that are pre-configured and pre-integrated to make up three editions of the PureFlex System offerings that provide a “ready-to-go” cloud infrastructure. Read More »

ABC Business Event: Learn The Benefits of IBM PureSystems and What It Brings to the Table with Business Demands

Flexibility is perhaps the single most important survival trait in successful 21st Century businesses. The world moves so quickly today, and new trends in business can overtake industries in a matter of months. No matter how large your business is, it needs the flexibility to change, optimize, and improve in the face of new industry trends. Read More »